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Contract Farming

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Contract farming is a thought evolved out of cultivation started by the tobacco industry in India.  The improvements of the processes used in the tobacco industry were established in Karnataka from the early 1970s.


Similar out-grower schemes were introduced to get the farming community in Karnataka to cultivate Gherkins / Cucumber in early 1990s by Green Agro Pack Private Limited.  Focus to contract is on farmers whose land size is usually never beyond 5 acres but mostly within 2 acres of dry land holding.  Such farming family units with in-house laborers carry out cultivation of Gherkin / Cucumber except for harvesting where hired labor is engaged. 


The contract includes supply of all farm requirements like seed, fertilizer & chemicals on credit to the farmer and which is recovered at the close of the crop during settlement as committed on pricing which has a field grading system.


The contract with the farmer is not just a business arrangement, but which is a personal handholding of the farmers who is empowered to become an equity holder in the company eventually when it goes public.  For now, GAPL has incentive schemes for the labor employed by the farmers to resolve the issues of labor shortages in the Gherkin / Cucumber cultivation field.  Initial focus which is driven towards water shortages, the company has initiated processes to provide drip irrigation system to all farmers who are registered with the company.  Drip irrigation is supplied on a loan to be recovered from the farmer over two years of cropping contract with the company, making the arrangement a successful relationship for both the farmers and the company thus strengthening the partnership and equity bonding.


Corporate Social Responsibility include sustainable farming which enables the farmer with improved agronomical practices, enriching the land with planning of trees with support crops, farm waste de-composting system and also on training of manpower.

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