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R&D Farm

The company has demarked 5 acres of its own land situated 10 kms from the factory  to carry out fertilizers, chemicals, seeds and agronomical trials before the package is transferred to the farmers.


Faith of GAPL trusted package is well established and the farmers are allowed to visit the trial and demonstration plots for their understanding.c


Farm School

The unique concept of a Farm school is conceptualized with the purpose of conducting 15-30 days or long sustaining farming courses extending up-to 3 months to train personnel seriously involved in farming on technical matters.


On the engineering side training is provided to repair and maintain machineries like tractors, power tillers, spray machines and other handy tools applied in farming.  Training is also provided on usage of chemicals, sprays and other agronomical practices applying practical farming thoughts.


Best professionals from the industry who are available on the panel train the trainers in the Farm School.


The Farm School is a unique house to train farmers, farmers’ children and staff and has two class rooms additionally facilitating a 30 bed dormitory and with facility for eatery and other utilities.


The School is associated with RSVK (Rushi Samstruti Vidya Kendra) – a cultural / educational thought on Yogic / Ancient education system from India.



To improve on the specific agronomy of soil and method of cultivation, GAPPL has a well-equipped laboratory to check soil Micro-nutrients to evaluate on fungal and viral diseases that affect the crop.  The laboratory is headed by qualified Micro Biologist and experienced Industrial chemist.

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