Green Agro Pack Pvt. Ltd.


  Pickled Gherkins & Vegetables..........  




The production plant of Green Agro Pack is equipped with two completely connected state of the art production machinery constructed entirely in stainless steel.  The two production lines are dedicated for vinegar pickling of Gherkins / Cucumber with a production capacity of over 75 tons operating in three shifts.


The other shop floor section is dedicated for other vegetable productions like 2,3,4,5,6 with specialized vegetable washing machine, slicing machine, dicing machine, shredder and an indigenously designed Gherkin & Onion peeling equipment.  Each machinery enables the shop floor to produce 5000 tons of vegetables listed other than Gherkins / Cucumbers.


GAPPL has automated the method of cleaning plastic barrels used for packing pickles and vegetables.  Collection plastic crates are washed automatically with cold water jet sprays, detergent, hot water and air pressure for drying.


Raw materials The segregated raw material store designed as per the SQF standards stocks salt, calcium chloride, potassium meta-bisulphite and other chemicals needed in process usage.  A facility accommodates to store 600 Kilo Liter of natural alcohol vinegar and 100 KL of acetic acid.




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