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Quality Assurance & Safety

  Pickled Gherkins & Vegetables..........  



Quality Statement of the company :

Green Agro Pack Pvt. Ltd., are committed to build customer trust and confidence by providing safe Preserved Vegetable Products.


Quality & Food Safety Management System has been designed, implemented and maintained based on SQF 2000 & ISO 2200:2005 standards to effectively manage food safety throughout the organization including establishing and reviewing of food safety objectives.


GAPL strives continually to improve the Quality & Food safety management systems at all levels.


Full compliance to all customer, statutory and regulatory requirements is achieved by strict adherence to the policies and procedures of our documented Food Safety Management System.

Green Agro Pack is probably the only bulk pickling plant in India to be awarded with SQF certification. 

HACCP norms are established in the process flow, OU is the other Kosher certification that is accredited to the company, the details of which can be availed from the factory.


Fundamentals of  Success

Good quality and controlled production would be the key to success for GAPL. Integrating the sourcing skills with the storage capabilities in the form of cold chains for commodities which are perishable in nature, will inevitably pave the way for a strong future for GAPL.

GAPL will enter into agreements with several other retailers to manage the fresh produce category in their stores under shop-in-shop arrangements. Besides these two arrangements, GAPL has developed linkages with several institutional buyers (hotels, caterers, hospitals etc.) that regularly buy in bulk.

The cold chain market presents significant opportunities for international and Indian companies primarily on account of the various growth drivers on the demand as well as supply side. GAPL is also contemplating partnering with different bodies/agencies in different geographies for availing better infrastructure facilities and value added services.

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