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Raw Materials

  Pickled Gherkins & Vegetables..........  




The entire range of raw materials used for production is procured from personally supervised farming methods called Contract Farming, which is an out-grower scheme for which GAPL has contracted with more than 6000 registered growers.


Gherkin / Cucumber and other crops including Red Bell Pepper, Onion, Garlic, Cauliflower and Carrots are cultivated from a sustainable farming system monitored under EURO GAP coverage.


GAPL is the only pickling company in India which discourages or entertains facilitators in any method of commercial application of procuring raw materials for pickles.  The entire agri-extension work of procuring raw materials is supervised by technically trained and competent staff who are direct employees of GAPL.


Green Agro, as an agricultural company, has set an example of paperless monitoring and accounting system in its operations. The company’s entire range of operations is maintained on SAP which was initiated in the year 2009.  Green Agro Pack is one of the first ones to use Mobile phone applications which the field staff use to assist farmers with their requirements and monitor crop progress live.


New Green Initiatives

Organised Agri-Food Retailing in India (modern supermarkets, hypermarkets and specialty stores) is a significant indicator of the economic and cultural revolution that India is undergoing. **The organised retail which accounts for 5 per cent of the total retail trade is poised to grow at an annual rate of around 11 per cent and is likely to touch business levels of 53,000 billion by 2020. Agri-food retailing accounts for 18 per cent of the organized retail today and is likely to have a lower share (12%) by 2020** (**Nabard Report–Jan’2011)

Green Agro Pack Private Limited intends to capitalize on this brilliant opportunities and undertake new business initiatives in the areas of Back – End Support to organized agri-food retailing. The Company’s focus area would be the India, head-quartered in Bangalore  and the South Asian Countries, headquartered in Bangkok (Thailand).

GAPL can play a lead role in cluster formation and organizing farmers into producer companies and marketing companies, helping them by dealing with organised food retailers directly. The Company can sponsor or support institutional set-up in rural areas for recruiting and training employees for organised food retail.

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