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Business cannot succeed in societies that fail. Businesses must play a more meaningful, involved and active role in the creation of a more sustainable and inclusive future.  GAPL is pursuing innovative business strategies that synergise the creation of sustainable livelihoods and the preservation of natural capital with the building of shareholder value. Close to 6000 farming families are involved as registered growers and the company has a Farm School with an in-house Micro Ė Nutrine testing laboratory  

GAPLís activities have always been integrated with the horticulture community. As part of social responsibility and realizing better optimized results, the Company provides farmers and out-growers with training and extension activities. The company is providing comprehensive 6 months training to a group of 15 to 20 members, which would encourage the young farmers to pursue vegetable cultivation with value added product offerings. This should prove very successful in improving the productivity and reducing losses, besides helping them in Technology Management.

The training activities would also help in building skills in market coordination and crop selection and field management systems. Such nature of programs can also help farmers to establish linkages with major seed suppliers, pesticide dealers, and shade net and drip irrigation providers so it could better support the farming activities.

Green Agro Pack adopted domain specific best practices in production, quality assurance, marketing and delivery earning itself global reputation and acceptance. Green Agro Pack today is a vendor of preference to leading industrial suppliers & the biggest retail names earning the reputation of being among the biggest exporters of gherkins and other pickling vegetables from India.




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